Ordering Information

To Place An Order

Provide a list of the transformers and quantities desired, and your zip code and desired shipping service by email to kevin@kandkaudio.com and we will promptly return a total.  Our shipping choices, based on extensive experience, are Priority Mail for small transformers and UPS Ground for large transformers in the U.S. and Airmail small parcel or Priority Mail for International shipments.  However, if you have a preference other than these, please ask.

You may remit by the following means:

  • Paypal to kevinc927@aol.com
  • Send a money order or check to:

    K&K Audio
    579 Tanager Lane
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    (919) 869-7547 voice/fax

When your payment is received the transformers will ship, if we have them in stock at the time of the order. Otherwise we will advise you of the approximate availability date.