New Products in the Works

Several new products have been developed and are set to be launched this year as kits:

  • A selection of “modules” for the construction of a SE Line Stage using your choice of directly heated tubes such as the classic 26 or the Russian 4P1L and your choice of Lundahl line output transformers.  This will be a low cost alternative to the excellent Active Output Stage Kit, but with sonics that put it in league with commercial equipment costing much more.
  • A Turntable Motor Power Supply Kit that will independently drive both coils in a hysteresis synchronous motor with variable frequency and apply the appropriate phase shift for optimum vibration performance.
  • Two Microphone Preamp Kits, one with more gain for ribbon mics and one with gain more appropriate to condenser and dynamic mics.  These will be housed in a 1RU chassis with the choice of one or two channels in the chassis.

Lundahl Transformers With Silver Wire Now Available

Per Lundahl has recently invested in high purity silver wire for winding select Lundahl transformers.  The LL1931, LL1933, LL1941, and LL1943 MC input transformers are all available now from stock with silver wire, denoted by the sensible suffix “Ag” in the part name.  Several other transformers can also be ordered with silver wire coils, including the LL1660.  Inquire for prices, but please sit down before asking.

You can read my thoughts on the impressive improvements wrought by silver in the LL1931 here:

New Kit Phono Preamplifier Available

Over a year ago it became obvious that the Maxxed-Out Phono Preamplifier, as good as it was (and still is), had become too complex for many kit builders to construct successfully. At that time I began an effort to design a new phono preamplifier that offers the majority of the sonic strengths of the Maxxed-Out Pre while being substantially easier to construct without difficulties.  This phono preamplifer is available now and is called the Trio Phono Preamplifier.  The Premium Maxxed-Out Phono Preamp will continue to be available as an assembled/tested product and will continue to evolve as I learn how to make it more responsive to the needs of music.

A full range of Lundahl audiophile C-core transformers are now available manufactured with iron amorphous core materials.

The sonic benefits of this material used in many applications are substantial. You can choose more traditional silicon iron core transformers for your designs and get started at an attractive price. When you have the desire for a greater level of sonic refinement, the amorphous iron core versions can be substituted in your design with minimal revoicing. If you have no further use for the original silicon iron transformers and they are in good condition, K&K Audio will credit 60% of their current retail price towards your next purchase (subject to testing and inspection of the used transformers/chokes). Alternatively, you can resell them yourself using the K&K Audio AudioAsylum forum to advertise them.

K&K Audio imports and sells Lundahl audio transformers to Do-It-Yourselfers. We also sell high-end audio kits that incorporate Lundahl Transformers.

Enjoy the sonic benefits of transformer-coupled high-end audio electronics. Ever wonder why the old recordings from the 50s and 60s sound so good? Well, one of the reasons for this is the presence of transformers in the signal chain between the microphone and the recorder. While it is popular “market-speak” to talk about the excessive phase shift and limited bandwidth of transformers, the ears tell a different story. Lundahl transformers are world famous in the pro audio business for their quality. They are used in high-end microphones, microphone preamps, and mixers. They convey the full harmonic structure of music to the listener.

As a DIY builder, you now have access to Lundahl quality for your own designs.


We sell the full line of Lundahl transformers suitable for the construction of high-end audio preamplifiers and amplifiers. In addition, we offer simple kits for audio building blocks, such as MC phono amplification and plate or cathode current sources. We can assist you with your design and suggest alternatives to meet your amplification needs. K&K Audio will be publishing some sample designs in the coming months to illustrate the application of Lundahl transformers in amplifiers and preamplifiers.

The K&K Audio kits have been developed to provide building blocks for DIYaudio projects. They are designed to work together with Lundahl transformers, allowing DIYers to construct state-of-the-art audio equipment. They vary in complexity, but always include detailed instructions to make construction straightforward. The upscale components used in K&K Audio kits have been selected for the best sound/cost ratio.


We design and manufacture custom high-end consumer and professional audio equipment to your specifications. Of course, we employ vacuum tubes and transformers in our designs, because we believe these to provide the best, most musically satisfying performance. However, we are also not blind to the advantages offered, in some applications, by solid state devices, and use these where they are sonically warranted. Our particular point of view is aligned with the “tubes as accurate, musically satisfying amplifying devices” way of thinking, rather than the “tubes used to warm up cold digital sound” philosophy.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.