Raleigh Audio Transition

For over thirteen years Raleigh Audio has partnered with K&K Audio to provide state-of-the-art kits, components and assembled audio equipment to the Do-It-Yourself hobbyist community. Our RAKK suite of offerings have been well-accepted by that community since 2004.

Over time, the Raleigh Audio assembled products have become both more complex and more popular. Raleigh Audio is now at the point in its digital product evolution where it makes sense to participate with a company focused on the broader market of networked audio components. This opens the door to venture into the world of commercial audio rather than being limited to the Do-It-Yourself market.

Therefore, for assembled products like the Extreme RAKK dac, Raleigh Audio is pleased to announce that it is now participating with the Musica Pristina line of products. Please watch the Musica Pristina website for some exciting developments.

The Raleigh Audio assembled digital products will no longer be offered through K&K Audio. However, while stock remains, Raleigh Audio will continue to participate with K&K Audio to offer the kits for the sub-components that have been popular with the Do-It-Yourself community.

The Raleigh Audio analog products, for example the Extreme Preamplifier, will still be available through K&K Audio.

Our existing customers can rest assured that Raleigh Audio will continue to provide the excellent level of customer support that it has over the years.