Ribbon Microphone Transformer Upgrades

ribbon_mic_transformersYou can improve the sound of most ribbon microphones by replacing the internal transformer with a Lundahl LL2912, LL2913, LL2914, or LL2915. These transformers are designed specifically for ribbon microphone use and will generally improve both the bass and treble frequency extension, as well as the sonic clarity. Several ribbon microphone sellers and upgraders use these transformers in their premium versions.

The LL2912 and LL2915 are unshielded transformers that can be used to upgrade microphones with narrow bodies, where the bodies incorporate magnetic shielding.

The LL2913 and LL2914 are shielded PC board mount transformers similar to the LL2912 for use where shielding is necessary or PC board mounting is a mechanical advantage.

The LL2913 is internally identical to the LL2912, which uses a cobalt amorphous core. The LL2915 and the internally identical LL2914 use a more traditional mu-metal (permalloy) core, which results in a more vintage tone (more warmth in the upper bass/lower midrange).

Small PC boards for mounting and simplifying the wiring of the LL2913 and the LL2914 are also available. See the picture. See the datasheets for the dimensions to determine which transformer will fit in your microphone.

LL2912, LL2913       $82
LL2914, LL2915       $72
PC board for LL2913 or LL2914       $3

Microphone Preamplifier Kit under development

I have a new tube mic preamp kit under development, but it has languished in inattention as the poor distant relative would in a Dickens novel.  I have plans for two versions.  One will have the normal amount of gain (about 50dB) for dynamic and condenser mics.  The other will have enough gain and low enough noise for ribbon mics and be versatile enough for any other mic, if that turns out to be feasible. I’m trying to compress it into a 1RU enclosure and accommodate 1 or 2 channels.  Give me encouragement if you are interested.   Stay tuned!