Gerus Audio is using Lundahl Transformers in their Amplifiers

Scott Gerus has been building tube amplifiers for some time now, but recently retired and has created a website ( to make his designs more broadly available.  He has designed and built several monoblock and stereo single-ended and push-pull amplifiers, which can be viewed on his website.  Interestingly, he does the woodworking and metalworking for his products himself!  Have a look.  These aren’t simple aluminum boxes with tubes and transformers parked on the top!  (like I build for myself…)

After using Lundahl output transformers in a few amplifiers over the past two years, he recently posted on his website:

“Over the years I’ve used Hammond, Electra-Print, Transcendar and Pliton OPT’s.  The only one that comes close to the Lundahl is Plitron, and they cost twice as much and take up 3 times the space!

You can’t beat the Lundahl’s for the Price!”   We agree, Scott!