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Welcome to K&K Audio

K&K Audio Ltd was founded in March 2002 by Kevin Carter. Kevin has been a serious audio DIYer since he was in college, first building Dynakits and a few years later designing and building his own audio equipment. His “first awakening” came when he bought his first tube components in 1982, modifying them to try to ameliorate their shortcomings and then realizing that there was something special about the sound. His “second awakening” occurred when he became dissatisfied with the sound of the tube equipment he was building, and, in 1996, ordered the first of very many Lundahl audio transformers to use as preamplifier outputs. The sound of that modest preamplifier circuit (SE 6SN7GT with LL1660 output transformer), in spite of obvious faults, conveyed music in a more natural way than all of the more sophisticated circuits he had been building. Several pairs of Lundahl transformers later, Kevin sought and was granted the opportunity to distribute Lundahl Transformers in the United States, which was the beginning of K&K Audio. In addition to selling Lundahl transformers and DIY audio kits, Kevin has developed audio products based on Lundahl transformers for other companies, such as Art Audio, Cascade Microphones, and Sonus Veritas. Just prior to K&K Audio, Kevin worked for Valve Amplification Company (VAC) for over 4 years as the Operations Manager when VAC was located in Durham, NC. (VAC uses Lundahl transformers, too, as does BAT, VTL, Cary Audio, Veloce, and others.)