Features, requirements, and specifications:

The RAKK USB -> I2S converter uses the TI PCM2707 DAC, providing adaptive isochronous audio stream playback at 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates. (picture coming soon.)

The RAKK USB interface with the RAKK dac Mk III and the RAKK dac Mk III Power Supply is designed for complete galvanic isolation to avoid the introducing digital noise from the computer into the audio system. Galvanic isolation is very important for providing the cleanest audio signal.

Power supply requirements are 12VDC at 50mA, which can be supplied by the RAKK dac Mk III Power Supply Kit.

PC board dimensions are 4.9″ x 2.35″ (12.5cm x 6.0cm). The board can be mounted using additional stand-offs through the corner PC board holes directly above or below the RAKK dac Mk III and connected to a panel mount USB jack (such as that made by Neutrik) using a short USB cable or by L-brackets through the holes adjacent to the USB connector to a back panel with the USB connector protruding through a hole in the back panel.

The Diagram illustrates the interconnection of the RAKK USB -> I2S and the RAKK dac Mk III.

RAKK USB -> I2S Converter $29