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K&K Audio has moved!

Over the past month both K&K Audio and my family have moved 18 miles northwest to an unincorporated part of Chapel Hill. It’s quieter here and the pace is more relaxed. It’s been a painful physical transition due to the stuff (mostly audio related) I had accumulated over 27 years at the prior address. I […]

New Lundahl MC Step-Up Transformer

Lundahl has developed a new moving coil step-up transformer that meets a need present in both the tube and solid state phono preamp worlds.  That need is created when the phono preamp has more gain than is necessary for the usual MM cartridge levels ( 5mV), but not enough gain to interface well with an […]

Price Increases on “Other Kits”

After much deliberation I have made relatively minor increases in the prices of the support kits that I have offered since the beginning of K&K Audio in 2003. The price for the earliest of these, the Basic Current Source Kit, has never been changed! Transformer prices will remain as they are for at least 7 […]

New Lundahl Audiophile Transformer and PS Chokes

Lundahl Transformers will shortly announce the availability and pricing for three new parts.  The data sheets are linked below: LL2766 – a compact (LL1660 size) low power output transformer for tube amplifiers, SE or PP.  Think SE 45/46/47 or PP 6V6GT and many more low power possibilities… LL2771 – a big (1A, 3H) power supply choke.  Would […]

Gerus Audio is using Lundahl Transformers in their Amplifiers

Scott Gerus has been building tube amplifiers for some time now, but recently retired and has created a website (www.300Bamps.com) to make his designs more broadly available.  He has designed and built several monoblock and stereo single-ended and push-pull amplifiers, which can be viewed on his website.  Interestingly, he does the woodworking and metalworking for his […]

Erhard Audio uses Lundahl Output Transformers in their designs

We are happy to note that Erhard Audio (formerly Tube Nirvana) has auditioned Lundahl amplifier output transformers in their models and, as a result, are using Lundahl output transformers now in production.  You can read their take on these and other parts decisions here:  www.erhard-audio.com/Blog.html and see power the amplifiers here: www.erhard-audio.com/Ray.html www.erhard-audio.com/Elvis.html www.erhard-audio.com/Buddy.html and a headphone amplifier: www.erhard-audio.com/Billie.html […]

New Lundahl Catalog Available

Lundahl Transformers has compiled a new catalog in .pdf format that is downloadable from their website.  It includes data sheets for the newest models, as well as the older ones that we have relied on for great sound over twenty years.  It can be viewed or downloaded here:  http://www.lundahl.se/technical-information/

Fall Inventory Reduction Sale on Raleigh Audio Products

Dave Davenport of Raleigh Audio has announced a Fall inventory-reduction sale. While inventory lasts, assembled DACs and Preamps are being offered at a 20% discount. As is usual, the Preamps are a fixed configuration, while the input configuration of the DACs are custom. Below are listed some sample configurations with their sales prices. You can […]

Monoblock PP Amplifier Using New Amplifier Kits

I’ve designed and begun the assembly of a PP KT120/150 monoblock amplifier that uses the new capacitor-coupled 6J49P PP input stage and one of the new power supply kits.  The power supply is choke input for low noise and uses a lower cost, over-sized toroidal power transformer.  The output stage is operated Class A1 with […]