Monoblock PP Amplifier Using New Amplifier Kits

I’ve designed and begun the assembly of a PP KT120/150 monoblock amplifier that uses the new capacitor-coupled 6J49P PP input stage and one of the new power supply kits.  The power supply is choke input for low noise and uses a lower cost, over-sized toroidal power transformer.  The output stage is operated Class A1 with a common current source in the cathode circuit (on the heat sink at the back of the chassis) and can be switched between triode and “ultralinear” operation.  The chassis (20″ x 10″ x 3.2″) is made from Par-Metal Products 10 series sides and backs, with an aluminum top panel (0.09 inches thick) drilled by me and powder coated locally in “satin black”.

PP monoblock assembly

PP monoblock assembly

As you can (barely) see in the schematic below, there are relatively few components off of the PC boards, making wiring a straightforward task.  I’ll post more info as the build continues.

Capacitor-Coupled 2 Stage PP Class A1 Amplifier